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The Mankind Project of Canada was formed from the MKP Centers of Windsor/Detroit, Canada East and Canada West. Windsor/Detroit and Canada West held NWTA's in 1998, Canada East in 1999. Windsor/Detroit became an MKP Full Center in 1993, Canada West in 2001 and Canada East in 2003. MKP Canada became an MKPI Region in 2010.

Since that time, Toronto has become a Centre in MKP Canada, and Canada West has divided into two separate Centres - Alberta and British Columbia. Windsor/Detroit currently remains an entity within MKP Canada and within MKP USA, while continuing structural negotiations take place between these Regions to determine the best solution for the communities and regions.

MKP-Canada has a new Ning website and is working to develop a MKP Public website as well.

MKP Canada
British Columbia

Contact the MKP-Canada Regional Director Jim Stephens or further contact information for other roles is found below.

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