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The ManKind Project UK&I held its first NWTA in December 1994 at Sopley. The community became an MKP Full Center in 1994 (as MKP-UK), incorporated in 2003 and became an MKPI Region in 2010. Since then the UK has joined up with Ireland (both the ROI and NI) and are now proudly known jointly as the ManKind Project United Kingdom and Ireland (MKP UK&I). Registered Charity No. 1167983 

MKP UK celebrated 20 years in 2014

The MKP UK&I domain is now https://mankindprojectuki.org and uses squarespace as the hosting platform.

Staff and Leader trainings, PITs, NWTA Medical forms and Staff Payments for these can be accessed HERE on the public website.

MKP UK&I has a public Facebook page. And Ireland has their own  Facebook page too. Please like and invite your friends and men who could be interested. Also new is a MEETUP group where events will be added. There is a  TWITTER  feed but it is not updated at the moment (Sep 2018)

The MKP UK&I Spearhead newsletter has its own public page (currently offline - Sep 2018)

The google map of I-Groups for Ireland and UK  is  HERE 

If you are looking for I-Group/PIT processes like calling the directions, accountability and clearing charges they are available from the I-Group Process Resources Index

UK&I Staffing/MOS Opportunities are HERE 

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