Greater Carolinas September 2020 NWTA

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Staff Application - GBTQ
Please note the following before applying to Staff or MOS:
1. No man may staff or MOS on consecutive NWTA weekends without express permission of their Leader Body Global Director.
2. It is required that every staff man complete ST1 Training prior to their fourth staffing.
3. If accepted to staff, every staff man and MOS must complete and sign a Confidential Medical Record and the applicable AOR/Release form relevant to the MKPI Region hosting the NWTA.
4. Sexual behavior with self or others is not allowed on MKP-USA training events.
5. There are men on staff who by the nature of their professional capacity, are required by law to report suspected abuse or neglect. Appropriate action will be taken when abuse is reported or suspected.

(completion of ST1 required prior to 4th staffing)
Choose your community from the following list. If you are not part of a community, select None. If you do not see your community, select Not Yet Assigned.
Are you applying for Staff, MOS, or either?
Do you have current CPR certification? If so please enter the Expiration Date.
Are you sponsoring someone for the weekend?
If yes, list names, relationships, and other pertinent info.
Are you attending an I-Group?
What is your I-Group facilitation experience?
Are you a Medic?
Are you a Blessed PRC Ceremony Leader?
Are you a Ritual Elder?
What is your intention for the weekend?
How are you living your mission?
What Gold are you bringing to the weekend?
How are you serving the community?

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