Latino Indigenous Cultural Spectrum Warriors

A Email List for "Guerreros" of Latino and/or Indigenous Identity

The email address for this Email List is

The Guerreros group has an open Zoom meeting monthly on the 4th Wednesday of each month. The Zoom coordinates are:

Phone # 415-762-9988 or 646-568-7788 Meeting ID# 6429889133

A Email List for "Guerreros," initiated Warriors with an ethnic, linguistic or personal connection to any of the Spanish-speaking cultures and nations, regardless of language spoken, AND those of global Indigenous (Native American and Mexican Indian, Gullah, and all indigenous, Canadian First Nation and Metis, and sons of Creation worldwide, for example Maoris, South African Bantu, Zulu, Xhosa, Australian "aboriginals," ) identity and descent. Bilinguals at any level and monolingual English or Spanish speaking Warriors are equally welcome. Created in honor of the ties of blood, family and history among Warriors of Latino and American Indian heritage, our conceptualization has evolved to include all Warriors of indigenous heritage living in primarly European-derived cultures. The intention is to bring our energies together to help diversify the Mankind Project; to recruit more Latino and Indigenous Initiates, support increased leadership among and more widespread participation by Guerreros, build solidarity with African American Warriors, participate in the formation of Warriors of Color United (WOCU) umbrella organization, and form a staff and recruit potential New Brothers for a bilingual Latino-Indigenous intercultural NWTA on the East Coast in 2018.

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