The Men's Work (BIPOC) May 13 2021

The Men’s Work Introduction is for men new to men’s work and men’s groups. It’s three 90 minute sessions over three weeks with two Facilitators. 

This session of the Men’s Work is for, and facilitated by, BIPOC Men. If you do not identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color), please select from one of the other open Men’s Work sessions.

The curriculum provides an overview of who we are as the ManKind Project and what we do: focusing on our mission, vision, values, and what we practice and why. Over the course of the three sessions, men get an introduction to creating a container, checking in, the hero’s journey, an introduction to feelings, levels of listening, vulnerability, risk-taking, the mask exercise, shadow / resistance, and an introduction to accountability. 

The primary outcomes of the Men’s Work Introduction: understanding more about the ManKind Project, a set of basic emotional intelligence and self-awareness skills, and an experience of connection with other men. For men looking to join an existing men’s group, start a men’s group, or participate in any of the ManKind Project’s trainings and programs. 

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