Southwest September 2020 NWTA

What is the Barrier Free NWTA?

Barrier Free is a Gateway NWTA, with a focus on men of all bodies and abilities.  The goal of the weekend is the same as other NWTAs.  The gold is in the adaptation of some processes to empower men of all physical abilities.  I encourage you to find out more about this new and exciting program at this link:

Whom Are We Reaching?

The desire is to include all men.  A conscious intention on this training is to remove the barriers around ability.  The staff will work closely with every man and each other to ensure the most impactful experience imaginable.

When and Where

September 23-27, 2020   Sleeping Dog Ranch, Prescott, AZ (2.5 hours north of Phoenix)

How Much Are Staff Fees?

Staff Fees are $200.  Payment is due by the second staff meeting, currently set for TBD.  You can also contact our Finance Coordinator (TBD) at (TBD).

What Are the Requirements for Staff Men?

All staff men need to be ACTIVE!


  • ALL staff men will commit to at least one fund raising call.

Fundraising happens as a team, using a tried and true method that creates results quickly!  Last year, two sessions raised just shy of $20,000!

This weekend is a unique, national Gateway.  There are expenses around transportation, logistical support on site, and scholarships needed for participants.


  • ALL staff men will commit to asking at least ONE man to attend this weekend.
  • ALL staff men will attend at least ONE Enrollment Call.

If you have questions or need support, contact our Enrollment Coordinator, Alan Kay at or at 828-699-6636

Staff and team meetings

  • ALL staff men should strive to attend ALL staff meetings.
  • If circumstances do not allow for meeting attendance, reach out to the Weekend Coordinator to inform him.

Community Outreach

  • ALL staff men commit to publicizing the weekend.  This can be by Social Media, and Face-to-Face.

Multi-Cultural Training

  • Staff will arrive a day early to participate in multi-cultural training, with focus around the needs of differently abled men.


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