The New Warrior Fight Club

We prefer 48 hours notice of attendance whenever possible. We do usually have large attendance so knowing numbers in advance is important.

Please let us know if you are an initiated man or non-initiated man (have not done the NWTA weekend) when contacting us.

All Initiated Men are Welcome as Members at this Time.

Non-initiated Visitors welcome at ALL meetings but please RSVP in advance in case there is an exception.
We can pretty much guarantee that there will be non-initiated men present at every meeting.

We follow an MKP structure with flexibility.
i.e. We sometimes do things differently.
Ex. Sometimes we might discuss quarterly goals in lieu of a traditional magician round.

We begin and end meetings on time.
Wednesdays 7:45-9:45pm

Men are encouraged to attend a PIT (Primary Integration Training) at their earliest opportunity.

Each man is responsible for asking for what he wants or needs.
The King has final say.
Each man has final say over his own experience and processes.

For additional information or requests, contact

Group Members

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