The New Warrior Fight Club

A circle of leaders who support each other on achieving our challenging goals & living our missions.

We create a mission focused world of leaders by being clear on our goals, making progress towards our goals, and supporting each other on achieving our goals no matter how challenging or high the goals.

Each member of the group sets quarterly goals & we discuss goal progress regularly.

All Initiated Men are Welcome as Members at this Time and we prefer 48 hours notice of attendance.

Non-initiated Visitors welcome at all meetings currently.

We follow an MKP structure with flexibility.
i.e. We sometimes do things differently.

We begin and end meetings on time.
Wednesdays 7:45-9:45pm

Men are encouraged to attend a PIT at their earliest opportunity.

We agree to challenge each other even if it means risking stepping on each others toes.
We agree to hold each other to a higher standard.
We agree to call each other on our "shit" but each man has the final say on whether to accept this support.
Each man is responsible for asking for what he wants or needs.
The King has final say.
Each man has final say over his own experience and processes.

For additional information or requests, contact

Group Members

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