New England Annual Gathering January 2020

What's an Annual Gathering?

It's the ONE event that brings together ALL initiated men and non-initiated guests in New England, both seasoned and brand new alike, to deepen connection and friendship, learn new skills to enhance your I-Group, gain new insights into all things MKP, and have some serious fun in the process.

Why should I attend an annual meeting?

All initiated men in our community are welcome.  It's where you can ask all the questions about MKP you've been wanting to ask.  It's where we get to honor the men who've served our community in the past and welcome the men who are stepping up to serve us anew.  And it's a blast.

What will I get out of it?

  • A deeper understanding of our organization
  • New I-Group skills
  • A tangible sense of being supported by the larger New England Community
  • The satisfaction of making a difference simply by being present


Once registered, visit the logistics spreadsheet and fill in your data.

Expected Cost is ~$75 (registration $25.00, Balance via CCP).  Make your CCP payment here.

Overnight cabins are available for ALL who want to stay overnight.

Registration deadline is 11pm EST, January 19th.

Activity of Events:
  • Friday
    • Registration 6 PM onward
    • Drumming circle
    • Games
    • Small Groups


    • Morning meditation
    • Breakfast
    • Smudge in and check in
    • Small groups
    • Silent auction and craft fair
    • Job fair
    • Afternoon elections
    • Fire Wisdom Circle
    • You've Got Talent show


    • Morning meditation
    • Breakfast
    • Small groups
    • Facilitation training/ Magician work
    • Closing circle
    • Site clean up

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