Greater Carolinas March 2019 Couples Weekend


This is an experiential workshop for people in relationship and open to all couples.

  • learn how to ask for what you want without alienating your partner
  • practice non-blaming, non-shaming communication
  • practice effective listening skills
  • practice how to express anger cleanly
  • learn how to stop destructive patterns in your relationship
  • learn how your partner can help you heal your deepest emotional wounds
  • learn rituals to deepen and nourish your relationship

Discover more joy in your relationship journey.  Are you ready to mine the gold that is possible in your relationship? Spend time together learning skills that turn seemingly dark moments into opportunities for intimacy.

Gain insights that can transform your relationship.  Are you willing to dig deep to discover new personal insights that affect your relationship and are you willing to carefully listen to your partner as they share their true feelings and insights? 

How important is your relationship?  Whether you are in a difficult relationship or seeking greater connection  – we believe your relationship is the container through which you can grow and heal. 

Registration is PER COUPLE and requires both names.

Dates:  March 29-31, 2019
Cost:  $750 per Couple
Location:  Charlotte, NC
Facilitators:  Rich & Laurie Riedman

More information about the weekend may be found at and

 Rich and Laurie welcome you to contact them to discuss if the weekend is right for you:                     

Contact:       Rich          585 820 7618

                    Laurie     585 820 7617                                                                          

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