Unpacking Power, Privilege, and Difference April 5th 2023


This Unpacking Power, Privilege and Difference Training starts April 5th at 7:00pm Eastern.  

We meet for online using ZOOM on the following days and times:

Week 1 4/5/2023 Wednesday 7:00:00 PM ET 10:00pm ET
Week 2 4/12/2023 Wednesday 7:00:00 PM ET 10:00pm ET
Week 3 4/19/2023 Wednesday 7:00:00 PM ET 10:00pm ET
Week 4 4/26/2023 Wednesday 7:00:00 PM ET 10:00pm ET
Week 5 5/3/2023 Wednesday 7:00:00 PM ET 10:00pm ET
Week 6 5/10/2023 Wednesday 7:00:00 PM ET 10:00pm ET
Week 7 5/17/2023 Wednesday 7:00:00 PM ET 10:00pm ET
Week 8 5/24/2023 Wednesday 7:00:00 PM ET 10:30pm ET

You must complete all sessions to complete the Unpacking Power, Priviledge and Difference Training.

  • By registering for this course, I agree to the following conditions: 
  • Anything said or done in this group is confidential. Group facilitators are not bound by this agreement in the case of expressions of intent to harm self or others. Recording any portion of this course is prohibited. 
  • I agree to refrain from initiating any business or personal relationship with other participants that a reasonable person would find unethical or exploitative.
  • I commit to checking out before leaving a session. If I fail to do so I understand that another attendee will contact me or my emergency contact.
  • If my internet drops, I will call or text meeting organizers using provided information to me by meeting organizers.
  • Non-Violence - Violence can be physical, verbal, emotional, or spiritual. I acknowledge that my words and actions have an impact on those around me. I take responsibility for my words and actions.
  • No Drugs or Alcohol - I will not attend the group while under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs. If I break this agreement I will tell the group and accept the choice of the group in handling this to create a safe space for the attendees present.
  • Acknowledgement & Commitment

I understand that the ManKind Project USA trainings, programs, and groups are not a substitute for professional mental health services. I am 18 years of age or older. I commit to being empathetic, compassionate, respectful, and welcoming to all who attend regardless of their race/ethnicity, ability, socio-economic status, age, religion, or sexual orientation. I understand that I may be removed from the group at any time for being disruptive or not following the ground rules or guidelines.


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